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India- Eat, Love, and Pray

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Eat, Love, and Pray in India!

This is a country rich with tradition, customs, and colors. India has one of world’s largest population of people and is known for the famous spice of “Curry” which can be seen and smelled in vegan, meat, or desert dishes everywhere! This was great girl’s trip getaway to the see the three cities (Delhi, Agar, and Jaipur) which are called the Golden Triangle cities in India. I’m very familiar to the India culture from my West Indian roots, love of curry, love of roti, love of Sari clothing, and Bollywood movies.

This definitely is a trip to plan in advance with budget and advice from folks who that traveled there before. India is a long and expensive straight flight from New York with Air India Airways. You will need a visa for entry into India so plan accordingly. There are plenty of hotel accommodations but I recommend staying in common hotel chain, luxury, or popular tourist boutique hotels in India. Navigating around India is pretty reasonable in Tuk-Tuk bike rides, no Uber cause the traffic is so much. Believe me! You will never complain of traffic every again after seeing everything moving in India. But enjoy some spices, Bollywood movies, and catch a wedding if you can! So let’s view this amazing country!

Here are the following (7) recommendations for India:

1. Taj Mahal in Agar. To see one of the Wonders of the world was an expression of a man’s love to a women was the most magical and beautiful epitome I’ve ever seen. It heals my heart ten times over to see this amazing abundance of love. I traveled far and long to see the magnificent Taj Mahal and it was totally worth it. 

2. Elephant Village in Jaipur. We visited the elephant village in Jaipur! In Hindu the elephant Ganesha is the God of Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune, and success. He is the God of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles! The elephant is sign of blessings! 

3. Ghandi Temple in Agar. Ghandi inspiration and revolution philosopher not only changed India but has changed the world with his practices and thinking! 

4. Bollywood Princess. I love Bollywood movies it’s my favorite. It makes me either tear up with emotion or dance. We got a chance to be Indian movie star for a day with a fitted full tailored custom designs clothing. We bought our first custom tailored Sari dresses in boutique shop in Agar and we were Bollywood Princesses in India! We were liked elated!! Indian people took photos of us everywhere we went to capture our beautiful Sari! 

5. Spices. The smell of spices is everywhere in India. For the love of curry, I tried to a view other curry spices but my palette can only allow a few. Many of the spices are very spicy and you will definitely need a drink of water, ginger ale, or yogurt to cool down. I recommend eating spices in moderation and only eating in major tourist restaurants, hotels, or known establishments. I did not get sick in India but my belly did skip some beats! But overall I enjoyed trying different types of curry, especially lamb curry and Naan buttered garlic roti. 

6. Lotus Temple. The Lotus temple represents the essence of the beautiful Lotus Flower! This is a scared flower that has major significance in the Indian culture. It means the rebirth and revival of life! It signifies the fascinating will to live! 

7. Henna. I love H E N N A! This is called Bridal Mehndi in and it’s applied for Luck, Joy and Beauty for daily or ceremonial use. You can get Henna in dark black or red ink as well. 

Live Passionately! See the beautiful world! India can be a great friend group travel vacation. Explore and Travel to India!

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Travel Passionately,


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