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Thailand- Honey!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Welcome to Thailand! I traveled far and long for this dreamy travel destination. Thailand has some amazing beaches, temples, sky bars, and great food. I went to Thailand for my friend’s 30th Birthday celebration and it was great choice. It was a great girl’s trip getaway. Thai cuisine is one my favorite it’s a mix of sweet, spicy, savory, and nice presentation. We enjoyed some great Thai food on this trip and even learned how to cook Thai cuisine. We went to about seven cities/islands in Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Phuket, Phi, Krabi, and Chaing Mai). My favorite cities/islands that I recommend are (Bangkok, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Phi Phi).

I recommend staying in a big chain hotel like (Marriot, Hilton, and Hyatt) or popular boutique hotels for tourist. I traveled with Etihad Airlines to Bangkok with a few flight layovers in Ahu Ahabi, UAE and Mumbai, India. We got a chance to spend a night in Ahu Ahabi which was cool city that I wish we had more time to view. I recommend planning Thailand in advance for great flight deals and planning for the full moon party. I also recommend trying a Thai massage its one of the best for relaxation. Thailand is inexpensive to get around and easy for lodging accommodations it’s just a long and expensive flight. Thailand has great hospitality and Thai peoples are really nice and cater to tourist. Thailand reminds me of the Miami of Asia. For packing, I recommend bringing nice beach/bikini attire because it’s very hot and humid in Thailand. The beaches and nightlife are amazing.

Here are the following (7) recommendations for Thailand:

1. Bangkok. This city was very beautiful at night. I enjoyed the best Sky Bars in Thailand. I recommend the Sky Bar at the Lebau Tower in Bangkok. We went all the way to the top of some very tall skyscraper buildings and enjoyed some cool rooftop drinks and pools. We went to boat tour of the city and viewed the Temple of Golden Buddha and Wat Pho Temples. These temples are beautiful architectural structures and I recommend viewing these temples in Bangkok. This city was very tech advance with great Wi-Fi and Uber worked in this city as well. I recommend staying a few days in Bangkok and flying with Bangkok Airways throughout Thailand as well.

2. Koh Samui. We took a small inter Flight to Koh Samui island. I recommend flying Bangkok Airlines for all inner flights they had the best service and food on flight. This was my favorite island to relax. This island is great for honeymooners or for a bae vacation with someone special. I really enjoyed the pool, spa, bubble bath tub, and hotel perks in Koh Samui. This island his great getaway to just eat, sleep, relax, and repeat. It was a tropical and quiet island with beautiful luxury hotels. We enjoyed some great Thai food on this island as well. I wish I stayed longer on this island.

3. Koh Phangan. I recommend trying ferry or speedboat to island hop around Thailand. We used a ferry to Ferry to the Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan Island. The full moon party only happens once a month so make sure you plan accordingly to catch this big tourist event. This is the major party island that is full of lights, music, food, and party décor. This was the biggest island theme party that I ever went to and the whole island catered to the full moon party.

4. Phuket. We took a ferry to the Phuket Island. We saw many temples in Phuket but my favorite is the Big Buddha temple. We went to Tiger Kingdom in Phuket which is a common tourist attraction. I was very scared of the tigers in Tiger Kingdom but overcame my fear by going into the tiger den. Next time I will just view and play with the baby tigers only. I recommend going to a beach in Phuket and trying a watersport activity. We went to Karon Beach and hiked all way for the mountain top view. It was absolutely stunning and I recommend this mountain top view. I also enjoyed night life in Phuket at Patong Beach center and Bangla Walking Street tourist attractions. I enjoyed the Phuket ferry to island hop to Phi Phi islands and other nice islands as well.

5. Phi Phi. We took a boat tour of the beautiful Phi islands. I recommend taking a day trip to enjoy the beautiful Phi islands. This was one of the most popular island and tourist attractions. It was beautiful as the pictures taken. I enjoyed the boat tour and scenic beach views. I recommend enjoying the food, coconuts, and island drinks during the Phi Phi island tour. We even seen an island that was inhabited by monkeys and we went to another small island to listen to some cool reggae music. You can enjoy snorkeling and watersports during this island tour as well.

6. Krabi. We took a ferry to Krabi island. I enjoyed the beautiful hotel and pool in Krabi. But this was least favorite island because I became sick on this island. I had motion sickness and food allergy from a ferry to Krabi Island. I recommend packing a medical bag for motion sickness, headaches, or food allergies. This island was still beautiful but very quiet to enjoy.

7. Chaing Mai. We took a small inter Flight to Chang Mai island. I recommend trying the Baan Thai cooking school in Chaing Mai or visiting a temple. This was first foreign cooking class with friends and I enjoyed it. We enjoyed learning about Thai food markets and cooking a three course Thai meal. It was great way to learn about Thai cuisines and get a Thai cookbook. We also enjoyed bar hopping in Chaing Mai at night and danced to some nice reggae music.

Live Passionately! See the beautiful world! Thailand can be a great friends or family group travel vacation. Explore and Travel to Thailand! 

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Travel Passionately,


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