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Washingtonian Travel Blog!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hello All,

Here is my Washingtonian travel blog. I usually blog places that I travel to in the summer but due to the pandemic I am enjoying the simple luxuries of being home with family and friends in Washington, DC (DC) aka the District of Columbia. This is the cool capital city that change happens. This is the city I’m wholeheartedly adulting in lol I live, work, own, and teach in the city. I celebrate this iconic and historic city. I enjoy taking the time to unwind and to the smell the roses in DC. It’s truly home for me. Here is my following DC recommendations and must-see favorite sights for 2020:

· National Monument – This pinnacle pencil shape landmark is in the heart of Washington, DC. You cannot miss this tall landmark around DC. You can walk or bike around this monument for exercise, but it’s not open to the public yet. You can see so many other historic sites from the national monument like the White House and Lincoln Memorial. It’s definitely a must-see and it has some of the best views of the city on the top once open.

· Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (MLK) – The MLK memorial is one of my favorite memorial sites to visit while jogging or running. It’s one of the biggest statues of the famous civil rights activist MLK in DC. It stands tall with an abundant amount of MLK motivation quotes all around. This is a hot tourist attraction to many tourists visiting DC.

· Georgetown – This fun DC hot spot has an old English look and feel with cobblestones and flowers everywhere. Georgetown is great for shopping, dining, and boating. It’s a cool part of city to meet and greet with family or friends. It has great waterfront views with boats and water taxi. Even has great biking trails from Georgetown to Arlington.

· Black Lives Matter (BLM) Plaza – This is the newest tourist attraction and civil rights plaza by the mayor of DC for 2020. This new plaza has sparked a nationwide trend for BLM movement across many cities in the United States (US), but DC is the first city to spark the change. This yellow paved street path is the heart of BLM protest and some great street artwork in the city.

· Navy Yard – This is one of favorite areas in the city to unwind and even uncork some wine when possible. There are some cool restaurants to dine and even hotels to stay. It’s close to DC Wharf and has the Navy museum inside. It’s great for events and even sport attractions such as the (i.e. National baseball stadium and Audi soccer field). This upcoming working and living area of the southside of DC has great areas to the gym or workout outdoors as well.

Please check my following DC recommendations and must-see favorite sights for 2020. Enjoy simple luxuries at home or in your city. I look forward to 2021!! Please contact Lime Vibe Travel for 2021 planning needs. Please keep safe and keep your families safe. Please forward this email to a friend or family member that needs travel assistance from Lime Vibe Travel. Also, please subscribe to Lime Vibe Travel website!! Quarantine and Chill!! Here are some ways you can follow: • Follow/Share IG page - lime_vibe_travel • Follow/Share FB page - Lime Vibe Travel • Follow/Share IGTV - Lime Vibe Travel • Follow/Share YouTube - Lime Vibe Travel • Use Hashtag #LimeVibeTravel  Stay Safe,


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