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Hello All,

Here is my Tulum travel blog. This is the hot summer attraction and beautiful city near Cancun, Mexico. Due to the pandemic, there are only a few countries open to American travelers for tourism. Tulum was open and had the influx of many travelers this summer. This was the hot summer getaway to many tr

avelers to enjoy. I was excited to see this city and to travel to Mexico again. I love the food, beaches, and people in Mexico. I got a chance to truly relax and rejuvenate at the beautiful Hilton Playa Del Carmen All-Inclusive resort with my friends and we did some fun activities in Tulum.

It was the perfect chill social distancing vacation. The resort had great COVID-19 practices and policies and a nice pool, drinks, and beach views. Tulum is a woodsy scenic secluded compound full of hotels, restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions. Even though some attractions were closed due the pandemic like the Mayan Ruins and some beach activities it was still one of best vacations this summer.

Note: I recommend travelers that travel especially internationally during the pandemic to (i.e. wear mask, wash your hands, carry wipes, and hygienic toiletries). Also, please know and adhere to the COVID-19 policies of the country before travel, get tested before, and after travel. It’s best to be safe and prepared while traveling and to follow precautionary steps when you return home as well. Here is my following Tulum recommendations and must-see favorite activities for 2020:

· Ziplining – This cool scenic activity really pushed my fear of heights away. This was a great way to see the Tulum jungles and to try new limits. I tried about four different ziplining activities and conquered new limits on the last zipline. This activity is adventurous and includes hiking in the jungle too. I recommend this activity for groups.

· ATV Tour – This was the must do activity on my “To-Do” list when I heard of the Tulum jungle. It was the thrilling motor sport ride that you get muddy and dirty. I heart a good adrenaline rush and this mask on activity was perfect mask on activity to do. I recommend this activity for couples or groups.

· Cenotes – This was cool water activity in a cave. It’s cool for relaxation and swimming. The cenotes cave can be dark, cold, and full of bats, but the experience is nice. I’m not a swimmer so I just relaxed in the cool water. I recommend this activity for couples or groups.

· Mia Restaurant & Beach Club – This is the popular Tulum restaurant with great woody entrance. This venue has great cocktails, a clothing shop, and beach views. I had the best cold cocktails at this restaurant. There is an entry fee for this restaurant but it’s worth the experience. I recommend this activity for solo, couples, or groups.

· El Fogon – This was one of the best restaurants for Mexican food I had in the Playa del Carmen area near Tulum. I still dream of the tortilla chips and salsa, fajitas, tacos, and margaritas. It’s a small mom and pop shop type of restaurant with outside and inside seating. It’s a great restaurant for a quick bite for lunch or dining for dinner. I recommend the Asiana Oriental Gourmet restaurant for dinner as well. I had the best surf and turf dinner at the Asiana Oriental restaurant. I recommend this activity for solo, couples, or groups.

Please check my following Tulum recommendations and must-see favorite activities. I look forward to 2021!! Please contact Lime Vibe Travel for 2021 planning needs. Please keep safe and keep your families safe. Please forward this email to a friend or family member that needs travel assistance from Lime Vibe Travel. Also, please subscribe to Lime Vibe Travel website!! Quarantine and Chill!! Here are some ways you can follow: • Follow/Share IG page - lime_vibe_travel • Follow/Share FB page - Lime Vibe Travel • Follow/Share IGTV - Lime Vibe Travel • Follow/Share YouTube - Lime Vibe Travel • Use Hashtag #LimeVibeTravel  Stay Safe,


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