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Top 10 Reasons Why Black Women Travel

Black women travel for the simple freedoms of just being wanderlust in seeing new places and having new adventures. Black women want achieve their travel goals and seek experiences that can last a lifetime with their friends, family, or in relationships. Black women are beautifully captured in many phenomenal pictures all over the world on many great travel sites and social media platforms. Black women are celebrated as beautiful “Queens” around the world. Many black women are commonly becoming explorers and checking off their bucket list goals. We have the access and opportunities to do so much in this new year and decade. Black women are the leaders in their careers, household, education, and communities. Black women travel for various reasons but there is a blazing trend of black women traveling and here are some of Top Reasons why Black Women Travel:

  1. Girls. The popular “Girls Trip” movie captured this cultural common group travel. The Girls Trip is always a great way for many women to come in travel. Black women can have a Girls trip for special life moments like birthdays or special events like bachelorette. Girls trip can just be for plain out to fun to getaway for a new beginning or for motivational or therapeutic purposes. Black women travel in groups to see many great United States (US) cities such as (i.e. New Orleans, New York, or Miami) or international destinations (i.e. Colombia or Thailand). The simple girl’s trip of gathering friends to have new experiences is always a good idea.

  2. Bae. The cute couples travel aka “Travel with Bae” is always an exciting way to have a new experience with your significant other (i.e. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiancé, Wife, or Husband). It’s always a great to see the world with someone you truly love and to have great memories of a new destination in travel cruises, island hoping, or tour activities. Sharing a private moment in enjoying a floating breakfast in Antigua, infinity rooftop pool in Bangkok, breezing in a yacht in Italy, or just watching the beautiful view in hilltop villa in Greece is a great way to travel with Bae. These are moments that black women capture in romantic pictures like famous jet setting couples like Cardi B and Offset or Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. These are the travel moments that most women really treasure especially if its engagement or anniversary trip.

  3. Birthday. The birthday trip is always a nice way for black women to get away with friends, bae, or just a personal interest trip. The turning of a new age is a way to set new goals and to see new places. Trying a new adventure on your birthday can be memorable and fulfilling to complete. To just simply just recharge on a birthday trip is common way to see a captivating beach area or scenic view of somewhere beautiful. My most memorable birthday trips are Barbados, Barcelona, and Ibiza. Birthdays are a great way to get your loved ones to travel especially on milestone birthdays.

  4. Wedding. The destination wedding of a close friend, family member, or co-worker is another common way many black to woman travel. Weddings in popular US cities or international locations are a way black woman can see both matrimony on someone close and check off a travel destination. Destination weddings can be expensive vacation especially if you’re in the wedding thus its best to utilize this destination has way to explore and a memorable adventure (i.e. Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Lucia). These are the travel moments that will most likely be printed and saved for the wedding couples.

  5. Solo. The solo trip is new escape to mentally and physically be refreshing for many black women. I see more black women taking a self-care vacation on the weekends to the spa, for a week in the tropical island, or a sabbatical from work in Europe. Honestly, a self-care moment like in the “Eat, Pray, Love” movie to destinations (i.e. Italy and Bali) is a travel goal of many women. Black women having a new travel experience can be very humbling and relaxing. Traveling solo after a long busy work season, break-up, or stressful life event can really be helpful. I enjoy my solo adventures in many Caribbean islands.

  6. Work. The work trip is another great way to explore a new city nationally or internationally for a temporary period of time. So many Black women have great jobs that offer travel opportunities to work related clients, conferences, seminars, or trainings. Even though work locations may not be ideal, I say take advantage of these free travel opportunities to see local attractions or enjoy local restaurants. While traveling for work check a museum, art show, art exhibits, historic sites, and restaurants. Also, after work trip stay for a weekend trip to relax with a close friend or family member.

  7. Family. The family trip is a way parents and kids can enjoy fun filled trips to places like (i.e. Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios). This is the trip that is centered around fun with kids and family members. This is the trip that childhood memories are created from and printed photographed in homes. Black women are yearly taking this family trip to continue family traditions such as family reunions. The family trip creates wonderful lifelong memories for parents and kids.

  8. Fitness. The fitness trip is the healthy travel vacation for (i.e. yoga or running a marathon). These are great trips to conquer a goal, support a charity, and to be healthy all at the same time. Black women are traveling solo or in groups to complete a fitness trip. The fitness trip is the cool trip to drink lots of water, lose calories, and to eat healthy. The fitness trip is the trip to pack your sneakers and a bag of cute athletic attire.

  9. Festival. The festival is usually that fun girl’s getaway trip to the (i.e. Essence Festival, Coachella Festival, or Caribana Caribbean Festival). These famous festivals draw black women from all around the nation to enjoy music, food, dancing, and popular summer parties. The festival trip is the great group escape to party and have great memories with friends. I recommend the festival trip because it creates the epic fun vibes and best party experiences.

  10. Relaxation. The relaxation trip is best way to just chill. We all need a break to escape to “relax and rejuvenate” our batteries to handle this busy world. The nice spa or simple beach day can suffice this relaxation. More black women are taking these solo self-care relation trips to recharge. I recommend scheduling a relaxation stress free trip.

These are my Top 10 reasons why Black Women Travel and this will continue to be travel experiences and memories. These will be the beautifully captured pictures of our black queens of all ages and cultures on social media. These will be the travel goals and motivation for many black women.

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