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Colombia- Hola Cartagena!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

This is a beautiful city of colors, people, history, and amazing food. This was amazing girl’s trip getaway to the city of Caratenga, Colombia in South America. This city is very familiar to the Miami and Cuba. It has rich Latina history such as Cuba but a more modern presence and infrastructure. It has the high skyscraper views and reputation such as the city of Miami. Caratenga is very accessible and short flight from Miami. Flight prices are pretty reasonable to go. There are plenty of hotel and Airbnb accommodations in Caratenga that are reasonable too. Navigating around this city is easy and even walking the beautiful colorful streets. Even though, knowing or speaking Spanish will be great tool to navigate this city, local Colombian are nice and taxi drivers are helpful as well. So let’s view this amazing city!

Here are the following (7) recommendations for Cartagena:

1. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. Views from the beautiful fortress of Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas are magnificent. This Colombian brick wall structure is the main tourist attraction and rich of Colombian history. Walking or Hiking up this fortress is a definite must see in Cartagena. You can see views of the entire city from on top this fortress and take great scenic pictures of the city.

2. Vulcan De Lodo El Totumo. The volcano mud bath is another tourist attraction that takes about a half day trip to experience. To soak in mud bath from head to toe was euphoric experience that I and my girlfriends enjoyed. It’s messy but a soothing experience. I was hesitant to get mud everywhere but I’m happy I let the mud exfoliate my skin all over. It was like bathing and getting pampered in the best deep conditioner. My skin felt the best after, plus the massage during the mud bath was everything. I defiantly recommend this experience.

3. Isla Del Rosario. Private Bora Bora Beach. We took beach day trip to the beautiful Bora Bora islands off the Isla Del Rosario beach. This was one of best days on the trip that we spent sun bathing, eating seafood, and enjoying private island life with music. We took a swim in the beach, danced to Salsa, and enjoyed all the great aspects of island such as fresh Coconut water, island drinks, and Colombian cigars.

4. Colombian Food. Colombian food is very tasty, flavorful, and some of best seafood. If you love seafood, especially ceviche this will be great city to visit. I enjoyed the best grilled or fried fish and rice in Cartagena. I enjoyed every meal in Cartagena and even gained a few pounds LOL!! Restaurants get booked very fast to I say go early or book reservations.

5. Colombian Coffee. I love coffee so this was great place to indulge in coffee! Colombian coffee is one the best in the world. I enjoyed breakfast with a hot cup of coffee or even a cold cup in the evening. Coffee is offered at any time of the day and the smell of it is so wonderful in Caratenga!

6. Street Art. Caratenga is full of great street art and is very colorful. The city is famous for its art. Make sure you walk the beautiful streets of Caratenga to capture the street art.

7. Salsa Dancing. Get your feet ready for all the Salsa dancing. There are so many great places to salsa dance the night away. We bar hop to few Salsa spots and even went to live music spot. We learned some dance moves that I will never forget. Music is very important in this culture and its everywhere. Dancing is a form of art here and it’s a great way to enjoy the culture.

Live Passionately! See the beautiful world! Caratenga can be a great girls or boys vacation, bachelor or bachelorette wedding vacation, or even romantic getaway. Travel to Caratenga, Colombia!

Don’t just take a trip, enjoy the Lime Vibe unique experience. Please contact for further details on booking travel accommodations to Caratenga!

Travel Passionately,


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